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One of the worlds hardest route climbs

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Strøm, Flatanger

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★ Rock Climbing

Flatanger is a new proving ground for hard sport climbing, and it has been drawing elite climbers from around the world. The area’s Hanshelleren cave is set within a sprawling granite cathedral. Its dark interior opens like the giant mouth of a Norse god. The cave sports 260 feet of overhanging climbing capped by a 160-foot headwall.  Flatanger has turned into one of Scandinavia’s premier crags.

★ Flatanger

The municipality consists mostly of mainland, but also includes almost 1,400 islands of various sizes. Some of the major islands include Bjørøya,LauvøyaVillaHalmøya, and KvernøyaEllingråsa Lighthouse is located on the island of Bjørøya and Villa Lighthouse is on Villa. These islands all lie on the south side of the Folda firth. The Namsenfjorden forms part of the northern boundary of the municipality.

★ Adam Ondra

Ondra has established himself as one of the best sport climbers in the world in recent years. He has climbed at least 25 routes rated 5.15a or harder. Hanshelleren in Flatanger is one of his favourite climbing places.

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